ONESIA Standing Kiosk 10-Points Touch 43inch

Operational Capability: 16-Jul
Memory: 4GB
Storage: 128GB

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ONESIA Standing Kiosk 10-Points Touch 43inch

Onesia Kiosk is made with high quality material for better durability on the current needs and our future needs. Provided to support the business needs of a company in any sectors like advertising, self-service, public service and any other need.







Operational Capability 16-Jul
Memory 4GB Storage 128GB
Operating System Windows 10 Pro CPU Intel Core i3
Solution Temperature Check Features Professional Display with security Lock, Temperature Measuring Range 30°-45°, Recognition Distance up to 1.5meter, Face Recognation Accuracy 0,99, Accuracy Temperature 0.5°, Face Capacity 50000, Event Capacity 100000
Model Standing Kiosk Display Size 32 inch
Touchscreen Non-Touch Resolution Full HD
Brightness 350 nits